Melissa Schwartz

These are a few of my favorite things...
Colors: Seahawks colors! I also like orange, blue, and earth tones    
Flowers: Colorful annuals and cut flowers    
Snacks: healthy ones, low-calorie, popcorn, fruits and veggies    
Drinks: Coffee. Non-fat lattes, or regular drip coffee    
Places to Eat: Bagelry, Old Town Café, La Fiama, Mt. Bakery    
Places to shop: Fred Meyer, Launching Success, Kohl's, Greenhouse, Target    
Ways to relax: cooking, camping, music, sports with family and friends    
Activities: gardening, outdoors, music, working out    
Hobbies: foodie, movie rentals    
Classroom Supplies: Stand up desks, hoki stools, equipment for special education kiddos and others    none