Kacie Bundy

These are a few of my favorite things...
Colors: blue,black, gray, green  
Flowers: plants to put into flower pots or my yard, ferns
Snacks: Clif Kid ZBar Iced Oatmeal Cookie, Blueberries, veggies and dip, Pirates Bootie, fruit  
Drinks: Water, LLa Croix, Starbucks Berry Refreshers with Lemonade or Woods Coffee Avalanch
Places to eat: Subway, Menchies, DQ
Places to shop: Haggens, Fred Myers, Starbucks, Woods Coffee 
Ways to relax: Yoga, Golfing, candles, Movie Theater    
Activities: Yoga, Golfing, Walking 
Hobbies: gardening, art  
Classroom supplies: Legos, Puzzles 100 Pieces, glitter glue
Birthday: May 26th