Kacie Bundy

These are a few of my favorite things...
Colors: blue,black, gray, green  
Flowers: any flowers, deer resistant plants    
Snacks: Milk duds, veggies and dip, baked layes, snacky stuff, junior mints, most candy bars,    
Drinks: Dr. Pepper, La Croix, Avalanche from Woods Coffee, Hot Chocolate  
Places to eat: Subway, Bayou in Bay, Black Cat, Mi Mexico
Places to shop: Woods Coffee, Starbucks, Fred Myers, Home Depot, Lowes, iTunes, Second Ave. Sports    
Ways to relax: Pedicure, Read a book, dinner out, watch a movie , listen to music    
Activities: watch movies at the movie theater, walking, golfing, camping,  
Hobbies: gardening, golf, watch the Seahwaks, activities with my kids    
Classroom supplies: wiggle stool, legos, board games,   
Birthday: May 26th