Name: Ethan Brame
These are a few of my favorite things:
Colors: Green, black and blue    
Flowers: Evergreen trees    
Snacks: Oreos, pop tarts, tootsie pops, anything loaded with sugar. :)     
Drinks: Ultra Red Monster, MT Dew, water  
Places to eat: Bob's Burgers, Subway anything Asian, Thai or Teriyaki    
Places to shop: Zumiez, Walmart    
Ways to relax: Hanging out with family, watching TV, or playing video games with my  9 year old    
Activities: Changing diapers, reading Lee Child and David Baldalli books, hanging out with my boys (Isaiah 9 years and Atticus 4 months)        
Classroom supplies: Paper and pens (love to doodle)    
Allergies: Medical tape